What is a Telephone Consultation?

Natural Health Telephone Consultations

What we can do for you:

Our Naturopathic doctors will consult with you by phone when a personal office visit is not possible due to distance and other circumstances. Our office will schedule your phone consult with one of our Naturopathic Physicians to address your specific natural health questions and concerns.

Our goal is to inform and professionally guide you in your selection and use of dietary and lifestyle changes as well as nutritional and natural medicines as they may apply to your health care needs. Our recommendations are to serve only as adjunctive therapies to your already prescribed medical treatments. We may also act as information specialists if you have questions regarding your diagnosis and treatment that have not yet been answered.

We do not diagnose medical conditions over the phone. However, we may suggest further medical testing and diagnostic procedures that may be warranted and applicable in your specific case. We encourage you to share our suggestions with your health care provider(s). We also gladly entertain questions from your health care provider(s) and encourage establishing a professional dialogue with him/her regarding your health care needs as a billable service to you.

We recommend pertinent laboratory test results, diagnostic evaluations and biopsy reports be sent to us prior to your phone consult assuring more informed and astute guidance and advice. A full list of your present medications and supplements is also needed so as to alert us of any potential adverse interactions.

Fees are as follows:

60-minute consult:        $175.00
30-minute consult:          $90.00
15-minute consult:          $45.00

How to set up a Consult:

FirstClick here to download and print out the “Informed Consent and Financial Policy for Telephone Consultations” PDF form.

Second – Read through the information in the Consent Form thoroughly. Then sign, date and FAX the form  to 206-525-8014; or mail the signed form back to us at the University Health Clinic, 5312 Roosevelt Way N. E., Seattle, WA  98105.

You should also include copies of any pertinent blood work and diagnostic reports, as well as a list prescription medications you are presently taking.

Third – When we receive the signed Consent Form, our office will call you to schedule your appointment. At that time we will need your credit card or debit card information. Your card will not be charged until the time of your appointment.

If you have any questions, please call us at (206) 525-8015.