Does Acetaminophen cause Asthma?

For several years now, investigators have been studying the link between acetominophen (Tylenol) use and asthma.  Results of studies have been conflicting, and none have actually quantified the risk of chronic acetominophen use and asthma.  Until recently.

What is the risk?

Investigators looked at thirteen cross-sectional studies, four cohort studies, and two case-control studies comprising 425,140 subjects and calculated the over all risk (OR) of being diagnosed with asthma after using acetominophen.  They found that there was nearly twice the risk in children and adults who used acetominophen!!!
These results clearly showed an increased risk of asthma and wheezing following chronic use of acetominophen.

Is there an alternative for Tylenol or Acetominophen to reduce a fever?

There are multiple options to acetominophen for children with fevers.  Both homeopathic remedies and botanical medicines have successfully helped resolve ‘unhealthy’ fevers in both children and adults.

What is a ‘healthy’ fever?

Click here for an excellent article on fever remedies by Dr. Patrick Donovan, one of Seattle’s Top Docs.  You will learn what a healthy fever is and natural effective remedies to reduce an ‘unhealthy’ fever.

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