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Programs at Seattle’s University Health Clinic:

Transformations: Weight loss for life with Dr. Mona!

Everyone says their weight loss program works, so why is this one any different?

Dr. Mona has always taken nutrition and weight loss seriously with her patients, but never had a package to put it all in until now!  Success with individual patients has lead to her finding a program that is easy to follow, easy to succeed with, and now, tested on many family members and your fellow patients!

Utilizing a whole foods diet, with no pre-packaged or processed foods, this weight loss plan will help you achieve your goals while providing mild cleansing, allergy elimination and anti-inflammatory action!  How could you do yourself a bigger favor?

Well… how about including weekly check-ins with Dr. Mona to keep you on track.  Better yet, each week you learn about how to read labels, pick foods in the future, and how to maintain your weight once you reach your goal!

Physician tested, physician supervised, physician approved!

The details:

  • You start with taking an online health survey to assess your overall health status and areas for improvement.
  • Then, you meet with Dr. Mona to go over the survey and start the plan.
  • We cover the food lists, meal planning, daily testing for ketosis and blood sugar control.
  • You get started!
  • Check-in weekly for five weeks to stay motivated, review food diary, and get your measurements to ensure FAT LOSS and metabolism motivation!!!
  • Graduate you into a new, healthy pattern of eating so you can keep it off for good!
  • Re-take the online survey to gauge improvements, and there will be many!

Full program for five weeks including the above and all needed materials is still at our introductory price of $450.oo.  You don’t have to be a current patient at the UHC to enjoy this price, so encourage a friend or family member to take the challenge with you!

NEW**** Trial version is only $79 before the new year.  Get the initial online survey, intake and materials for one week to try before you fully commit!!!  You could lose up to 7 lb in 7 days!!! So it could be a bonus right before those holiday parties…

Still have questions?  Call the UHC at 206-525-8015 to set up a free consult with Dr. Mona to see if this is a good program for you!

Ready to start?  Call the UHC at 206-525-8015 to set up your initial consult, make sure they know its for Transformations so we can get you set up to do the survey before your visit!